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Uruz (Ox)

Pronunciation – oo-rooze

Meanings – Wild Ox, strength (physical, emotional, spiritual), untapped potential, health, sudden or unexpected changes (usually for the better). Breaking free from the pen.

Interpretations – Wild Ox were honored for their power and strength, but they were also untamed and feral with deadly horns, as you can see in the rune symbol. It’s a reminder to have the strength to persist and keep going despite adversaries or roadblocks. Use caution with your reactions and attitude so that your spirit and power can be used to everyone’s advantage.

The rune of the termination and new beginning.  If it is pulled, it means that the life you used to live has grown out of its frame and needs to be left behind now, so that the life-energy can liberate itself, like a rebirth, into a new one. Be prepared for the chance, that hides behind the costume of loss.  At the same time modesty is demanded because in order to rule, you must serve first.

If reversed – it can mean you missed or neglected an opportunity and now lack determination or self-motivation. Instead, find a way to build up and improve yourself and avoid holding yourself back, or you may miss something truly remarkable.

Inscriptions – to enhance your self ambition and inspiration, healing (physically, emotionally, or spiritually), or to discover a profound knowledge of yourself and your motivations.