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Othala (Tradition)

Pronunciation– owe-tha-la

Meanings – heritage, family love, ancestral spiritual power, storytelling, Inheritance

Interpretations – Othala respects and honors our connectedness to our ancestors and heritage. No matter how far we may roam, we are always linked to our family and always bring influences, ideas, traits, knowledge, or habits that originate from them. Some of them may even be unconscious. – this rune may be calling you to recognize these unconscious beliefs and shed them if they no longer serve. This rune can have similar energies to the hierophant card in tarot.

If reversed – it often symbolizes a rift within the family, whether by divorce, arguments or after the death of a relative.

Inscriptions – promotes prosperous family relationships, communication with ancestors, grounding and connectedness to our roots. Waking up to recognize old patterns and leave them behind.