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Eihwaz (defensive patience, flexible growth)

Pronunciation –  eee-wahz

Meanings – symbolizes the Yew tree, life & death, enlightenment, transitions, renewal, defense, patience, endings

Interpretations – Eihwaz does not mean literal death but is more of a metaphor indicating transitions, renewals, and fresh starts. You may be leaving behind old habits, jobs, relationships, or bits of yourself that are no longer benefiting you. Try to adapt and be flexible even if you’re disinclined to acquiesce. Proceed but exercise caution. Do your best to do the right thing now to avoid predictable problems. Eihwaz can also symbolize the Yew tree, which is considered the tree of life since it’s an evergreen and can live for thousands of years. Once a Yew tree dies, it generates a new tree inside its decomposing trunk. Similar to a phoenix rising from its ashes. This is an effective and robust representation showing the cycle of life. Due to this, it can sometimes be associated with the Norse tree Yggdrasil and is considered a very magical rune. The Eihwaz symbol represents a spiritual exploration or adventure outside the material world and into the universe’s dimensions or underworld.

During our tests, we gather the strength to ward off, repel blockades and defeat. At the same time, we develop an aversion to the pattern of behavior that leads to tense situations in our lives. Patience is the advice of Eihwaz. No hassle, no action, or swerving off course for the desired result is necessary. Perseverance and caution are required. Avoid foreseeable difficulties by doing the right thing. Eihwaz means to see, despite inconveniences and discomforts, growth is still encouraged.

If reversed – no reversed meaning

Inscriptions – spiritual enlightenment or development, intention or magical enhancements, and conquering challenges