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Ansuz (Messages from Universe) 

Pronunciation – ahn -sooze

Meanings – Communication, spiritual growth, signals or prophecies from the universe or an ancestral god (occasionally Odin)

Interpretations – Advice may come in any form of communication, be it through correspondence, orally – maybe through music. Pay attention to information brought to you from an ancestor, the universe, or your higher self. Now is the time to notice synchronicity in your surroundings: numbers, clouds, songs, animal spirits, or phrases. If you are asking about a new job or developing knowledge in any way, this is a good sign. Some believe that this represents Yggdrasil and that it represents the spirituality of the Universe in all its balance, no matter how confusing it may seem to us. The Universe is everywhere and always within us.

The keyword is receiving – messages, signals, gifts.  Even a timely warning can be received as a gift.  If the messenger rune brings holy knowledge, one is probably blessed.  Put effort into every meeting, visit and accidental encounter, be especially attentive and aware – in particular with people, that are wiser than yourself.  In the opposite situation, Ansuz says:  Think of the positive aspects of the unfortunate. 

If reversed – Deception from yourself or Odin who always has his own agenda. Be careful not to misconstrue signs and your vision may be clouding at this time. It can also mean that you need to spend more time connecting with yourself spiritually and with the Universe.

Inscriptions – divine communication, knowledge, spiritual awakening, inspiration