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Dagaz (Breakthrough)

Pronunciation– dah-gaz

Meanings – self-transformation, radical change, breakthrough

Interpretations – well-known for being called the “dawn rune” – symbolizing hope and early light after the darkness of night. This is also a rune of renewals and transformations. The natural cycles of the earth and the moon teach us that life is about maintaining balance within each phase. We can always succeed against the darkness. Dagaz can sometimes lead to radical change, breakthroughs, and great prosperity, just like the butterfly this rune resembles.

If it is pulled, it shows a greater thrust or breakthrough in the process of self-transformation. In every life there is at least one point that –it is detected and accepted- it is going to change this life forever. So you can have absolute trust, even when the moment requires that you jump empty-handed into the void. Sometimes this Rune leads also to a major phase of success and thrive.

If reversed – no reversed meaning

Inscriptions – awakening and enlightenment, creative and spiritual breakthroughs, good karma