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Kenanz (Fire, openings)

Pronunciation – kane- awze

Meanings – fire, torch, beacon, openings

Interpretations – This rune represents the banishing of darkness and bringing forth the illumination of energy and creativity. This is a sign that you are in harmony with the universe and that you are making progress and development on something that was once holding you back. Be aware this guidance has intense potential and allow it to open your mind to new possibilities and assist you in progressing further.

This is the rune of opening, the new clarity, the expulsion of the darkness that has obscured/covered a part of your life. Now you are free to experience the joy of giving. Kano is the rune for the morning full activity, for sincerity, clarity and concentration, which is all important if you are getting ready for your job. This rune offers its protection: the more light you have, the better you can see what is irrelevant and outdated in your setting.

If reversed – lack of fire or light. This indicates you may live in murky darkness when it comes to your intuition or the universe. This can also mean the closure of something, maybe a connection, friendship, job, or intentions. This is an excellent time to reassess your priorities and work to ground or stabilize before proceeding in any decision-making.

Inscriptions – restoration, creativity, inspiration, perception, revelation, can add strength and power to your talisman.