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Sowilo (Sun)

Pronunciation– so-wee-loh

Meanings – vitality, sunlight, good energy, health and well-being

Interpretations – Sowilo represents the power and healing light of the Sun (considered to be feminine energy) during the daylight hours when no darkness is present to cloud our judgment. You are covered in the sun’s healing golden energy, and good luck and prosperity are sure to follow if you remain open. Use this energy and strength to help assist you in achieving your intentions and goals. This is not the time to be cocky, but to use your intelligence and creativity while knowing that the universe has your back.

This rune stands for wholeness – so for that which our body needs. It embodies the impulse for self-knowledge. As a great power rune, Sowelu shows that the life force can be available for you and that there is a time to recharge and regenerate again.

If reversed – no reversed meaning

Inscriptions – motivation, vitality, positive energy, boost energy to help dreams, goals, and intentions come to fruition