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White pebble Jar

A small White pebble contains infinite potential for any spell. Small, easy to pocket or place anywhere, their white color provides an empty palate to contain your intentions.

Gather them before they are needed and store them in a clear glass jar to await your purpose. Be sure to place the jar out in the full moon to allow the pebbles to soak up the power of the moon they so beautifully resemble. The more time the pebbles spend in your possession, soaking up your magick and the power of the moon each month, the more powerful they will be when it is time to use them.

You can use a pebble as a talisman to act as a focus for your ambitions and goals. Hold the pebble in your hand and focus your attention on it. Look at the smooth grain of its surface and the variations in hue, and feel the cool hardness of the pebble against your skin. Now close your eyes and squeezing the pebble tightly in one hand, wish for the fulfillment of an important dream or goal. As you do so imagine that the stone is glowing in your hand, charged with the energy of your wish. Put the stone in a place where you will see it on a daily basis to remind you of your goal. Whenever you are about to take a step toward achieving your goal and require an extra boost, squeeze the stone in your hand to summon your energies and focus your mind.

3 Small white pebbles placed on the windowsill will protect your home; blocking negativity and driving away evil influences.