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Kachina Knife
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Hanged Man

Pause, surrender, letting go, new perspectives Learn More

REVERSED: Delays, resistance, stalling, indecision Learn More


Manifestation, resourcefulness, power, inspired action. Can be tricky. Note everything is as it looks to be. Learn More

REVERSED: Manipulation, poor planning, untapped talents. Can be trickery or lies. Learn More

The World

Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel Learn More

REVERSED: Seeking personal closure, short-cuts, delays Learn More

King of Pentacles

Wealth, business, leadership, security, discipline, abundance. Learn More

REVERSED: Financially inept, obsessed with wealth and status, stubborn Learn More

7 of Wands

Challenge from haters, competition, wanting protection, perseverance. Feeling attacked from all sides, exhaustion. Learn More

REVERSED: Exhaustion, wanting to give up, overwhelmed Learn More

4 of Pentacles

Napoleon Complex; insecurity, fear, hoarding, jealousy. Is there somewhere you are miserly, prideful or self protective? this can also indicate a “safe” position, for good or bad. Learn More

REVERSED: Over-spending, greed, self-protection.Learn More

Ace of Pentacles

Luck of the Irish. A new financial or career opportunity, manifestation, abundance. A clear YES. Learn More

REVERSED: Hold back, wait and see. may indicate not seeing or realizing a potential opportunity. Learn More

9 of Swords

Overthinking, Regrets, anxiety, worry, fear, depression, nightmares. Stubborn mule crying over spilled milk. Can be advice to not let fear control you. Learn More

REVERSED: Inner turmoil, deep-seated fears, secrets, releasing worry, moving on. Advice to not cry over spilled milk or let fear of the future control you. Learn More


True North. Hope, Finding Your way, providence, vulnerability, possibly growing a thicker skin Learn More

REVERSED: Release of fear, repressed emotion, inner confusion, feeling lost. Learn More

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