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Water is the Conscious Source of Life Force Energy

Aside from the basic and obvious usage of water, the ancients also used it for purification, healing, manifestation, and more. Ice crystals are one of water’s many states of being. Crystals have a range of energetic frequencies and information storage depending on the compound patterns and structures. Earth’s Akashic Records are also stored in water, ice, and crystals. As Earth’s ice melts over time, humanity is absorbing the higher refined Gamma-Light stored in its crystalline state — allowing humans to unlock its encoded information from within.

The Sun’s higher energies charge & create solarized intelligent water in full spectrum frequencies for specific purposes — sunlight activates and can heal a human being. Alchemists charge water by using symbols, words, codes, intention, and prayer hands to achieve different energetic signatures, and changing the water structures — similar to how Reiki is used to heal and alter the frequency, Light and crystal formation of geomantic patterns in any living being.

Dr Masaru Emoto has shown that water retains memory, can be programmed and imbued with human intention, energy, symbols, sounds, words, and thoughts. Ice crystals can be charged and programmed as well. The term ‘Water Codes’ is the act of infusing your energy into the water crystals. Depending on the amount of energy, one can program a glass of water, its own body-vessel to a large body of water like a lake or even an ocean. The same goes for ice and snow too.

Water is multidimensional and we are 70% water, so what we consume or emit by energy vibration affects our being & reality — hence we are multidimensional beings. Water crystals are mini portals and energetic frequencies can change its physical state, like heat can change solid ice to liquid water to misty steam. Divine Intelligent Energy can activate water crystals to move through spacetime & dimensions.

You are Water & this primordial Life Source is internal and external — with the ability to shift the crystalline structure in your body-vessel as well as shifting your quantum spacetime-line realities. Cymatics with sound & liquid shows that harmonics affect and shape physical matter, depending on its frequency. It is vital to have a Heart and Mind Coherence that resonants harmonious frequencies outward, to enhance the fullest potential of your physical being and to experience the higher timelines of all manifestations.

When you take a deeper dive into the magical quantum structure of Sacred Water, you can reflect on your own connection to Water, to your CELLph. What and how is your relationship with Sacred Water, which is a relationship with your CELLph, as Water?

Peace, Blessings, Love & Light 🙏🏽💜

Author: Drue86 Telegram: @drue86  /  Twitter: @drue86  / Truth Social: @drue86