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Juggling Priorities


UPRIGHT: Multiple priorities, time management, prioritization, adaptability.

REVERSED: Over-committed, disorganization, re-prioritization.

When the Two of Pentacles appears in a Tarot reading, it’s safe to say you are juggling your priorities, roles and responsibilities. For example, you may be a working parent, a general manager of a business, an administrative assistant in a busy office, or someone who works multiple jobs. In the upright position, this card notes you are doing an excellent job of balancing these different priorities, and you can take on whatever life throws at you; but this Two reminds you that the line between coping with these demands and losing control is thin. You need to manage your time, energy and resources carefully so you do not lose your balance.

The Two of Pentacles often appears when you are busy, rushing from one thing to the next, with little downtime in between. You may tell yourself that you haven‘t got enough time or you’re in a rush. However, remember that you don’t have to be busy to get things done. Sometimes taking a break is the most productive thing you can do. Similarly, the Two of Pentacles can appear when you are getting caught up in the day-to-day demands and losing sight of the bigger picture. If this resonates, ask yourself: What life do I want? And how can I reorganise my schedule to create the life I desire?

The Two of Pentacles invites you to manage your time and your priorities carefully. Your workload is high right now, and to get everything done, you need to stay focused and productive. You may benefit from a ‘to do’ list, better calendar management and a stricter schedule. You may even enlist the support of an assistant or business coach to help you make the right changes. Basic time management is crucial to your ability to juggle these various priorities and keep your head above water. This card also reminds you to pay special attention to your general administration, including paying bills managing finances, staying on top of your commitments and maintaining your diary. Be careful that you do not miss important deadlines, meetings and other obligations.

This card calls your awareness to the concept of balance and those parts of your life where you have it (and those where you don’t). While you can strive for equilibrium, nothing ever stays in perfect harmony. For example, stabilizing your work and family commitments sounds fantastic, but in reality, your family might be more high-priority one week, and work the next. So, when the Two of Pentacles appears in a Tarot reading, see it as a reminder to be patient, flexible and adaptable as you try to juggle your responsibilities with your family, friends, work, finances, health and new challenges. Be ready to swap around activities or accommodate last-minute requests. And know that if you are succeeding in one area of your life, it’s likely you’re struggling in another – that’s just a part of the balancing act!


In an inverted position, the Two of Pentacles warns that you are overcommitted and, at times, struggling to maintain your overloaded schedule or stay on top of your bills. Others might not see it yet, but the stress is getting to you and you may even catch yourself dropping the ball. Follow this card’s lesson and get organized. You may need to bring more structure to your responsibilities through budgets, to-do lists, forward planning or a diary and effective time management. Turn down opportunities that are no longer in alignment with your goals.

The reversed Two of Pentacles can also be a sign you are over-investing in one area of your life at the expense of others. For example, you may excel in your career, but have little time for your family or your partner, leaving them feeling disconnected and alone. While you may get away with a few late nights at work, there will come a time when enough is enough. Something has to give.

The reversed Two of Pentacles invites you to reassess your priorities and goals and decide where you want to spend your time and energy. Distractions are plenty, and it will take every ounce of your concentration to stay true to your goals. Choose the one thing you need to focus on so you can give it your undivided attention and you will reach success.