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The Magickal Properties of Clove


Planet – Jupiter

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine

  • Aphrodisiac; a well-known ingredient to increase sexual potency.
  • Clove is also used in esotericism as an amulet to ward off evil energies.
  • It is common to use the essence of clove for meditation and focus.
  • healers remove evil spells with garlic and cloves
  • Strengthen mind and memory
  • Mix with honey for Strenght and Courage
  • Attract positive spiritual vibrations
  • Love Spells

Cloves are well known for protection, empathy, healing, memory. Its aroma is penetrating and has physical and magical effects.

Coming from the Malaku or Moluccas Islands, in Indonesia, Cloves were historically a very coveted and costly product. The aroma and flavor were reserved only for the most wealthy people.