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Protective Energy Shield Guided Meditation

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All you ever seem to hear, see, or read is doom and gloom. The planet’s packing up. Politicians are corrupt. Banks are embezzling your money. War and terror are everywhere. And crime. Not to mention disease… And yet, your higher self knows this isn’t the whole story. You can sense that there is a bigger, absolutely amazing picture out there – but somehow it’s become obscured by the fog of negativity.

We are influenced by the energies of those around us, until we learn to protect ourselves from negative energies exuded by others.

The most obvious thing about attitude is that it’s infectious. If you spend your time around miserable, negative people, it’s not surprising if you end up feeling pretty pessimistic yourself.

And if you associate with positive, upbeat, warm and outgoing types, you will find your own mood lifted and cheered.

Patterns of negative thinking are easily passed on in a family, or even in a work group. We are all influenced by the people around us, and these are the people we spend the most time with.

Negativity and the role of the media

In the era of instant news and 24 hour news bulletins, there’s nowhere to hide. If you sit back and take a long hard look at what makes up the ‘news’, you cannot fail to notice how rare it is to see a serious item of good news.

Did you know that research (1) (reported in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2007, Vol. 14, No. 2) has shown that a mere 15 minutes of watching news bulletins leaves most people experiencing persistent, negative, anxious feelings?

This mediation will teach you to OBSERVE WITHOUT ABSORBING the negativity around you.