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Self Defense Doll

Use this poppet magick for protection against someone who is actively trying to harm you.

  1. Sew a doll shape out of black fabric,
  2. write sigils and identify the target by, name or otherwise, with a silver marker on the inside fabric of doll before turning right side out. 
  3. Stuff doll with organic items. (Willow leaves are excellent for breaking curses)
  4. Do not add any personal characteristics to the outside of this doll. Keep it a shadow of black.
  5. Cut a slit in the back and sprinkle black pepper into the doll,
  6. Sew the opening with a piece of wire.
  7. Bend the doll’s arms backward and tie its hands together. This ensures the victim is helpless, sew or tie the legs back into a kneeling position.
  8. then finally place the doll in a kneeling position facing the wall (in a corner). This robs them of their vital energies…