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Rose, Plantain & Yarrow Itch Relief

This vinegar based liniment, or rub, can help relieve some of the pesky itchiness that chiggers and mosquitoes can inflict.

Roses are included for their anti-inflammatory properties, plantain for its skin-soothing benefits and yarrow for its antiseptic action.

Vinegar and witch hazel act as the solvents that extract and carry the benefits onto your skin.

What if I don’t have fresh herbs?

If you don’t have fresh herbs available, you can use dried instead, see directions below for more details.

  • fresh rose petals
  • fresh plantain leaves
  • fresh yarrow heads
  • apple cider vinegar
  • witch hazel

Fill a glass canning/mason jar about 3/4 of the way with the fresh herbs. If you’ve collected a lot of roses, plantain and yarrow, then use a large jar. If you only have a handful of each, use a small jar.

Pour apple cider vinegar into the jar, just until the herbs are covered. Stir, then pour witch hazel into the jar until it’s almost full. (If you don’t have witch hazel, just use more vinegar.)

Cover the jar with a plastic lid, or place a layer of parchment paper or plastic wrap between the metal lid and the jar. This keeps the vinegar from corroding the lid over time.

Tuck the liniment away for 2 to 4 weeks, then strain. (Tip: To use sooner, infuse with gently heated vinegar. You can use it within a day or two, though extended infusing time is ideal.)

To Use for Chiggers or Mosquito Bites

Rub the mixture onto chigger or mosquito bites with a cotton ball or swab. It may slightly burn for a few seconds upon application so be sure to test it out on a small patch of skin first.

If using on someone with sensitive skin, try diluting with an equal part of water before use.

To Make With Dried Herbs

If you don’t have fresh herbs, this recipe can be made with dried herbs instead. Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite source for dried organic herbs, but you may be able to find some locally too.

Place the dried herbs in a glass canning jar. Cover with the vinegar and stir. Pour witch hazel over the mixture until the jar is almost full, leaving room for the dried herbs to expand. Cover and infuse for 2 to 4 weeks then strain.