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Your Birth is Written in The Stars, Personalized Astrological Natal Chart


This is a DIGITAL product. No physical product will be shipped to you. You will receive your download link via email within 24 hours of purchase.

  • Delivery time: 24 hours
  • Image size: 8 “x 10” (standard format for framing)
  • 2 files included:
    • PDF format for easy home printing on letter size paper
    • high-quality JPG for uploading to 3rd party photo printing services or creative use
  • 12 options for background-color
  • The title can be any text of your choosing – most often the person’s name, some choose to title with a special message like “I’m so glad you were born”
  • Text on the lower right side says “Your Birth is Written in the Stars”
  • The date is included at the bottom of the image
  • 3 key chart points are included below the date: The position of the Sun, Moon, and the Ascendant.
    • Have you ever noticed that not all Capricorns are alike? This is because different chart points combine to create unique personalities. A Capricorn Sun with a  Leo moon will be very different than a Capricorn Sun with a Gemini moon.
    • The moon rules moods and emotions. The placement of the moon in your chart determines your inner self; it shapes your soul and what you need to feel emotionally secure. It controls what goes on below the surface of your personality.
    • The rising sign, or Ascendant, is the Zodiac sign that was rising eastern of the horizon when a person was born. The Ascendant is known as the mask one wears when meeting new people. It takes in both appearance and personality, which is why some may identify with their Ascendant more than they do with their sun sign. The Ascendant represents the first personality traits people exhibit naturally or in uncomfortable situations.

Order this personalized natal Astrological chart as the perfect gift for someone you love. A beautifully sentimental way to welcome a new baby into the world.

It contains the exact position of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the very time and place of your event, and thus their influences on the person born at that exact moment in time and location.

The more precise time and location of the birth, the better – in order to guarantee the right placement of your planets and houses (especially the moon and ascendant which are fast-moving objects)

*Frame used in feature image is for illustration purposes only and not included in this digital product purchase

Background Color

Blue, Coral, Dreamsicle, Galactic Sunset, Green, Green Ombre, Lavender, Light Blue, Lime Green, Nebula, Purple, Purple Sunset

Your Birth is Written in The Stars, Personalized Astrological Natal Chart

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