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33 3 Card Spreads Tarot journal Printable PDF

  • Printable PDF with layout clearly displayed
  • Record your results in the card squares; reprint and reuse anytime
  • Easy to follow prompts on the meaning of each card
  • Notebook lined space to record your own notes and impressions

See full description below for list of spreads

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When we first start to read Tarot, we think we need to jump right into complicated spreads, like the 10-Card Celtic Cross, to be a master Tarot reader or to see all aspects of a situation. But you may find – as I did often – you feel completely confused and frustrated, unable to see the forest from the trees and not knowing what the reading is trying to tell you.

Enter the three-card Tarot spread – a way to quickly and accurately answer questions, with just three Tarot cards.

Sure, there are tons of fancy (and complicated) Tarot spreads that have ten, twenty, even all seventy-eight Tarot cards in them. But if you want to get right to the heart of any question, an excellent place to start is with a simple three-card Tarot reading.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a Tarot beginner doing a reading for the first time or a seasoned professional with decades of experience – a three-card Tarot reading will give you the crystal clear insight you need. Seriously, you can get super deep with just three cards.

Here are 33 layouts to get you started. You will become so comfortable with the 3 card format that you will begin to easily create your own spreads specific to the situation. Welcome!

Luck and love to you on your journey, – Kitty

  1. Past, Present, Future
  2. Situational Advice
  3. Evaluating a Past Situation
  4. Where to Focus in a Relationship
  5. Where a Relationship is Going
  6. 2 Options
  7. Think, Feel, Do
  8. Talents
  9. Hidden Desire
  10. A Relationship between 2 persons
  11. Hidden Strength, Challenge, Opportunity
  12. Needs, Wants, Fears
  13. Physical, emotional, and Spiritual check-in
  14. Impending Event
  15. Explore an Emotion
  16. Develop a Talent
  17. Manifest an Idea
  18. Abundance
  19. Idea, Reality, Potential
  20. Considering a future Situation
  21. Overcome Despair
  22. How to Get there
  23. Aspiration and Obstacle
  24. Your control in a situation
  25. Getting to the Heart of the Issue
  26. Evaluating a new Person
  27. Wants and Needs
  28. Yes, No, Maybe
  29. Cord Cutting
  30. Potential Career Development
  31. Disillusion
  32. Moving Forward
  33. What’s Between us?

33 3 Card Spreads Tarot journal Printable PDF