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20 minute Meditation Music Session: Let Go of Worries and Overthinking

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It can be hard to let go of your surroundings and stress when you “only have” 20 minutes to relax. you could set an alarm but then the alarm itself is jarring, keying you back up; undoing all the good relaxation you accomplished your session.

This 20 minute MP3 file fades in nicely for 30 seconds, allowing you time to get into your relaxed headspace. there are no starts and stops, just nice, soothing healing frequencies. At 19min 30sec, the music fades back out, giving you a nice, slow message that it’s time to come back.

Use this music to time a meditation period and fully let go and trust that the music will let you  “know” when your 20 minutes is over.

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20 minute Meditation Music Session: Let Go of Worries and Overthinking