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Personal Space in the Astral

Hello lovelies, this post falls under the topic of “Things I learn from Astral traveling”.  I’ve learned (remembered) what to me have been nearly life-changing concepts over the last few days as I utilized the gateway experience Mp3s.

It’s hard to sit down and type these out because the downloads come instantly and there is so much richness to them. the time it takes to convert them to actual human words seems glacial. But I know how much I’m helped by others who take the time to share with us; it is my intention here to hopefully do the same. This is just a tiny sliver of SO much I want to share with you.

Personal Space

I was surprised to learn that there is a clear “me” and “not me” in the astral. At first, I was overwhelmed by entities who seemed to come flocking to me. I thought I needed to be open to everything in order to not miss a lesson. but the beings came FAST and in my face. one face after another. I began to notice a difference – dragons and loving beings stood back a bit. they respected my bubble.

I began to realize that the faces that appeared fast and aggressively and were all up in my face, like someone standing 2 inches in front of you… were not for my highest and best good.

While not all were necessarily malicious, sometimes they were simply curious, I realized my right to self sovereignly declare personal space, even in the “no physical space” dimensions. I began to demand they “back the fuck up” and even learned to drain away those that needed removal from my personal space, using a sort of huge funnel that also looked like DNA spinning downward. It just naturally appeared and I knew it was mine.

It turns out this concept of “individualization” is actually one of the MAJOR reasons we have decided to incarnate here in 3D space. I knew self-sovereignty is important, but how can we be self-sovereign if we can’t discern between what’s “us” and what’s “not us”?

This can get confusing, especially as we try to follow the concept of “oneness of all beings”.  Know that they can work together, and also be aware that some Negative agenda beings will twist that concept of Oneness to their own ends and trick you into willingly giving up your personal space and individuation trying to be a “good” ascending human. They are just vampires. and they can fuck off. You have the ability to do this, just state your intention and take that power that is yours, it always has been, we’ve been lied to that we are not in control.

We came here, to this 3D space, to learn to individuate and be self-sovereign.

We are here to know who we are, that is –  to choose an alignment:

Positive or Service to others, creative, Source Connected – these are all the same concept


Negative, service to self, destructive, Distorted – again, all words that describe this concept

We must learn to discern who is in alignment with the way we choose and who is NOT. Those that are not in alignment with us must be told to Back the fuck up and if necessary, remove our presence from them. This skill includes recognizing lies, tricks, vampires, idiots useful to Negative agendas (yes idiots do much damage) distractions, and distortions.

There are many clues as to who is in alignment with you – one of them is this – those that are positively aligned recognize your self-sovereignty and personal space. (some negatively aligned may also do so, so don’t use this as an end all be all. just be assured that if they do not respect your space, that is an easy signal. Tell them to fuck off)

Luck and love to you on your journey, -Kitty