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Multi dimensional Parasites (Vampires)

A lot of people don’t know they have Multidimensional Parasites. These alien vampires project themselves into human beings, live virtually in the skull (in some cases other parts of the body), and treat people as transport vehicles as they themselves are not physically allowed on Earth.

Known by the Gnostics as “Archons”, these Parasites attack the human mind by “Implantation of Ideas”.

People finally become nothing more than empty shells, the walking dead, in service to these Archons. They have an agenda; known as the “Negative Alien Agenda”


It is almost impossible for a person with an advanced condition of alien parasitic intrusion to recognize that they are under the control of the parasite. However, if your case is not too advanced, here are several ways you can realize that your mind has been invaded by an Alien Parasite:

  • feelings of insignificance,
  • meaninglessness,
  • lack of emotion,
  • indifference,
  • feelings of dissociation,
  • overwhelmed with irrational fears,
  • the passionate hatred of people from another country, race, religion or culture,
  • desire to kill or “see killed” people from another nation and so on,
  • feeling that you are going crazy,
  • feeling self-righteous,
  • unable to control your tongue and finding yourself saying horrible things to people.

Examples of severe alien attack: the belief that you are a rock or an inanimate object, that your pet is controlling you, that a famous pop singer or Hollywood star is in love with you, the belief that God is punishing you for your “sins” by (for example) causing your boyfriend to die in a car accident, or the belief that the news anchor is speaking directly to you from television.


They begin by invading the minds of individuals in government, military, medicine, finance, media, education, academia, secret societies, and religion. They give these individuals what is essentially a computer virus. From these foxholes, they launch their spiritual warfare against the general population and against specific individuals. Often people who are reading about Alien Parasites do not want to understand how they can invade the Earth when they are not even allowed to physically be present on the planet. Yet, these same people do not wonder how Wi-Fi can bring an ultra-high-definition (UHD) image of the president into their living rooms! Those individuals who study science know that through quantum entanglement it is possible to send “entangled” encryption keys from a satellite to an Earth-based receiving station. The NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) is an international network of antennas that provide the communication links between the scientists and engineers on Earth to the Mars Exploration Rovers during their flights in space and while they are on Mars. Astronauts regularly beam their voices and images into the headsets and screens of their mission handlers who are here on Earth. Finally, the Frey Effect enables scientists to send speech directly inside the human head without any kind of radio receiver implanted inside the person. In the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, United States Army scientists, using “voice modulated microwaves” were able to demonstrate that they could project words directly to a specific person’s brain. Without getting overly technical, it is easy to see how Alien Parasites can project themselves into the skulls of specific human beings.


To understand these Alien Parasites, where they come from, and what their intentions are, we must explore the teachings of Gnosticism. The Gnostics are a group of wise adepts who understand the mysteries and secrets of the universe. Gnosticism has been called The Secret of Solomon’s Temple and The Secret of the Knights Templar. However, to truly understand Gnosticism, one must travel far back in time, before the time of Common Era, before the first Egyptians, before the pre-Hispanic cultures: Olmec, Zapotec, Teotihuacan, Maya, Toltec, Mixtec, and Aztec, before Tiahuanaco, before the two incredibly ancient sites in Turkey: Çatalhöyük and Göbekli Tepe, before the continent of Atlantis, even before the vast continent that existed in the Pacific known as Lemuria, as well as the great civilizations that existed in Antarctica and Africa, all the way back to the very foundations of the world.

The term “Gnostic” comes from the Greek: Gnosis. Gnosis is direct spiritual knowledge. The Gnostics are the seers, initiates, and shamans among humanity. The Gnostic can make contact, through Gnosis, with the One True Reality. Gnosticism is the best description of why the Planet Earth exists, and why there is life on this Earth. Gnosticism is the best explanation for the origin of humanity, extraterrestrial visitors, national and international politics, and shadow governments. Gnosticism is a complete explanation of how life works in this world, galaxy, and universe, in addition to what is happening in other dimensions, parallel universes, and simulations. Gnosticism is for the pure of heart.

Taking back Control

The Gnosis is an inner experience through which a human being during an illumination which is at the same time regeneration and deification takes control of her truth again and regains consciousness of herself, in other words, of her state of being and her origin. In this way, he acknowledges or recognizes herself in Sophia Gaia and accesses her wisdom and knowledge, as well as concrete Earth skills.

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