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Keep lighting it up through your Sacred Krystal Heart, keep shining & showing the way even in y/our darkest hours.

Never underestimate the difference that you make simply by keeping on shining as your true unique Self, even on the darkest of days.

Keep being the Observer of your stories as the stories of the old continue to dissolve and clear.

Keep embracing, loving, diving deeper, into the shadows of despair, pain and fear, as in the darkest hours a light shall appear from deep within you, reminding you of the Truth of who you really are. The Truth you have been carrying for aeons now, without even knowing as all had been erased and forgotten.

But now we re-member, ALL of ourselves. We re-member what we hold in there, in that sacred loving space, ready to crack open, to shine that light on all the shadows of this world, to make them conscious, even on the darkest of days.

So they can no longer keep us stuck in the old, repeating patterns that no longer work. All that gets now deleted, so we can escape that prison of our own minds.

Let the door open, forget the past, leave it behind, spread your plasma wings and fly into the Freedom that now awaits, and always truly has been, what you are, despite all what it may seem.

Re-member the instruction sets and Coordinates of the new journey ahead, as we rise ever higher, into brand new realms.

As our memories awaken within our DNA, they start to tell us different stories, from a different past and future that is now here, ready to appear.

A new reflection of our True, Divine, Diamond Self.

Ready to ignite ALL NEW, as we sparkle and shine our Souls True unique colors upon a New Earth.

Eternal Love & Blessings,
Ramona 💙


Telegram channel: Ascension – A MEMEoir 💯

Much appreciation and love to this channel. I collect and share knowledge freely; it’s fundamental to my soul and who I AM. The more we share, the more opportunity for us all to learn and grow. Please visit this channel for more amazing content, and show them love and thanks. – Kitty