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Draining the Magick Away

Use in instances an enemy or malevolent person pursuing magickal powers. Sometimes someone only wants magick as power over others. Allowing them access to that would be like giving a monkey a loaded gun. Remember: Magick works, regardless of who is using it… that’s why it’s amazing. It’s also why it should be prevented from falling into the hands of uninformed or malicious humans.

  • Black Pepper -To confuse your enemies, get rid of evil or to cast evil onto someone; to make someone move out of your way
  • Dill – dispel jealousy; this type of person can be vengefully jealous of your magickal ability
  • Salt – purification, magical protection, and blessing, sacred space, preservative
  • Vinegar – powerful stuff. disrupt magic, stop ghosts and spirits from manifesting, and keep demons away. It’s also very simple to use. Just pour wine vinegar or apple vinegar into a dish and let it evaporate overnight. It will disrupt the magic/ghost/demon for a few days. You can also put other protective herbs in it to amplify the magick.
  1. Add 1 tsp each of pepper, dill, and salt to a bottle or jar.
  2. Pour vinegar over those ingredients. Only fill the Jar 1/2 way. You are leaving space in the jar for the magick you are disrupting to be caught inside.
  3. Hide this jar/bottle, near where this person will be sleeping or spending an extended time.

VERY important – Do NOT open this bottle once you have caught that magick. Dispose of in such a way that it will never open or return.