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The Celtic Cross is the classic, most common tarot layout used for reading cards. You can use it to answer a specific question or to get a general sense of your life right now.
Celtic Cross
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Endings, change, transformation, transition, letting go of what no longer serves. Learn More

REVERSED: Resistance to change, personal transformation, inner purging Learn More

Page of Wands

Inspiration, ideas, discovery, limitless potential, free spirit. Can represent new an exciting person or new opportunity. Learn More

REVERSED: Newly-formed ideas, redirecting energy, a new spiritual path, advice to leave self-limiting beliefs behind. Learn More

10 of Cups

Divine love, blissful relationships, harmony, alignment. 10’s represent the end of a journey. Can sometimes represent a false public image of happiness. Learn More

REVERSED: Disconnection, misaligned values, struggling relationships. False public image of happiness. Learn More

8 of Wands

Clearing obstacles quickly, movement, fast-paced change, action, alignment, air travel. Things will happen quickly. Can also represent messages coming to you from the Spirit World.Learn More

REVERSED: Delays, frustration, resisting change, calling for internal alignment to remove blocks. Can also represent struggling to hear from the Spirit World. Learn More

7 of Cups

SQUIRREL!! Easily Distracted, choices, wishful thinking, illusion, confusion, dysfunction, lies Learn More

REVERSED: SQUIRREL!! Needing Alignment, personal values, overwhelmed by choices.Learn More


Femininity, beauty, nature, nurturing, abundance. Learn More

REVERSED: Creative block, dependence on others, or being called to focus on self care. Learn More

7 of Pentacles

Long-term view, sustainable results, perseverance, investment. Is it time to Stay in or Fold? Learn More

REVERSED: Advice to think long-term, potential limited success or reward. Learn More

Queen of Cups

A Healer, Compassionate, caring, emotionally stable, intuitive, in flow. Emotions have a lot of power here. Learn More

REVERSED: Inner feelings, self-care, self-love, co-dependency, self-healing. Emotions have maybe too much power here. Learn More

9 of Cups

Winning! Contentment, satisfaction, gratitude, represents a hope that comes true. Learn More

REVERSED: Inner happiness, materialism, dissatisfaction, indulgence. Sometimes a private wish coming true. Learn More

8 of Swords

Negative thoughts, self-imposed restriction, imprisonment, nurturing a victim mentality. Grown Ass woman has the power to remove that rope. Instead she waters the tree to hang herself. Learn More

REVERSED: Self-limiting beliefs, inner critic, releasing negative thoughts, advice to be open to new perspectives. Grown Ass woman has the power to remove that rope. Instead she waters the tree to hang herself. Don’t be her. Learn More

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