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  • Cedar is used for the creation and dedication of sacred spaces. Related to longevity, protection, and preservation.
  • The Cherokee believe the Cedar tree to hold powerful ancestor spirits bestowed by Ouga (Creator) in the beginning of existence.
  •  Cedar above the entry door will drive away negative influences and evil spirits.
  •  used to cleanse, heal, and protect.

The Cedar Tree is associated with healing, dreams, disease, protection, and is a symbol of generosity and providence. It drives away negative influences and evil spirits. Cedar has been burned in North America for centuries to purify sacred spaces and living spaces.

Native Americans have burned cedar during sweat baths to cleanse the body. Burning Cedar in the home will drive away negative energy, and promote healing, peace, prosperity, and security.

Cedar may be burned to purify ritual space, cleanse your home, and is suited to funerary rites and other rites honoring the beloved dead, such as Samhain festivals as it ensures safe passage for the deceased.

Budget witch tip: Cedarwood chips are sold affordably as cedar pet bedding. you can burn the chips, or make cedar sachets with them

About the oils:

  • Virginian smells like wood chips – best for diffuser
  • Texas smells similar but seems to be a little stronger – Best for front door magik
  • Atlas and Himilayan are key ingredients in Love oil and seem to be less woodchip and more resin, sandalwoodish.
  • Use to summon helpful spirits during rituals and invocations. (Virginian)
  • Place over entry door to drive away negative influences and evil spirits (Texas)
  • Use in perfumes (Atlas and Himilayan)
  • add a single drop each of 3 different cedar oils to your eye mask when you sleep for prophetic dreams. The blend of different oils enhances the magickal properties of each.