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Blue Scillia, “I Let Go of That Which No Longer Serves Me”

Scilla is one of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring and offer a breathtaking display of delicate blossoms usually blue in color, but white, pink, and purple variations can also be found.

The scilla flower symbolizes everlasting love, humility, constancy, gratitude, and delicacy.
A blue scilla means “forgive, and forget.” This is the perfect bloom to reinforce the healing mantra “I let go of that which no longer serves me”, allowing us the strength to break the wheel of Samsara.

Think of this magical power as similar to the joy and forgetting that happens to a woman after giving birth. When beholding her beloved child, all the stress, pain and struggle to bring this precious being into the world is forgotten. That forgetting brings absolute forgiveness, heals all trauma.

In the same way, blue scilla blossoms early in the spring, just as hope returns. all the struggles of winter; food scarcity, cold, insecurity, and dark depression pale in comparison to its delicate beauty and the warmth and sun that brings these blossoms forth. This allows freedom to forgive and forget.

gather them as soon as they appear for your magickal workings. the delicate blooms only live a few days. They dry beautifully for witch balls and herbal uses.