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Blue fire opal

Protection – the facets in this stone reflect negative energy in random directions. They break it up and confuse evil so it can’t get through.

Magnification – the same facets reflect and magnify feelings, emotions, passions.

Perhaps because of its association with the Shimmering Beauty of Vashra Veloci, “Diamond Lighning Bolt that Flirts”, Opal is believed to give its wearer an incredible charisma and charm.  It is said to increase and enhance our personal power and self-esteem and help us to take assertive action whenever needed.  All Opal can alleviate shyness, timidity and dispel lackadaisical attitudes, creating a joyful atmosphere during exploration and acknowledgement of the Higher Self and other realms.

How to use

Use this stone as an amulet for protection and as a glamour.  It will make the wearer mysterious, shimmer, beautiful, seductive like a diamond.

~ Blue Opal gives us the courage to voice what we desire

reflect the light, distract negative energy, magnify beauty