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Atlanteans on Spiritual Power VS the Power of Technology


In love, eternally, we, the white beings of Atlantis, greet you, fellow beings of Gaia. 

Many souls upon the earth have energetic ties with Atlantis, having experienced one or many past lifetimes upon Atlantis. 

When Atlantis fell both in vibration and physically the light gateways to Atlantis fastened causing a disharmony upon the Earth which humanity has become accustomed to. 

The energy of the Creator, whether upon the Earth or the inner planes, requires to be continuously flowing, as this is its natural nature. Light gateways are created to connect civilization and periods of time together to maintain the divine flow of the Creator. 

Even as you exist upon the Earth now, there are light gateways that are allowing energy to flow from all civilizations such as Lemuria and Ancient Egypt into the Earth’s current moment. The etheric light gateways also distribute energy from our current moment and level of Ascension into past, present, and even future civilizations. Sometimes these light gateways can be blocked; Stagnant energy may be present, or there may be negative consciousness being projected through the light gateways causing havoc in our civilization. 

Due to the negative energy (fear and disappointment created before and during the fall of Atlantis), the Angels of Atlantis closed the light gateways so that the energy of Atlantis could be contained to stop the projection of negativity while also preserving the sacred knowledge and wisdom of Atlantis. 

Some of the light gateways have been opened slightly and this is causing many energetic patterns of consciousness to anchor into the current period of ascension upon the Earth. 

There was a power battle between the development of technology and the awakening of the soul, with its magnificence from within the human body. 

The question that was put to all Atlanteans was, do you rely upon technology, giving away your power? Or do you place your trust in the seemingly unknown: your soul and accept your power fully. 

We can now recognize that the same question could be put to the current age of humanity upon your Earth. 

The energies of Atlantis have been unresolved, and so as ascension heightens upon the earth with more light anchoring, the light gateways to Atlantis are becoming unfastened. This has been occurring for many years now. We can recognize that Atlantis can and will be healed through the current age of humanity. 

We can also recognize that humanity is being asked to complete that which was begun during Atlantis. 

This is one of the reasons why you are present upon the Earth now. 

It is your purpose to bring healing to Atlantis. 

Therefore, the earth, as it is now, shifting the pathway of humanity into a new, expansive stage of Ascension not experienced before upon the earth. 

In 2021, we, the celestial white beings, invite you to be conscious of creating balance between your use and dependence upon technology of any form or all forms and your conscious focus on the embodiment of your soul. 

We wish for you to know – fully within every cell of your being – that your soul is powerful, magnificent and can achieve far more than any form of technology when you allow yourself to embody your soul. Still, continue to use technology and yet hold the awareness that anything born from outside of you is an illusion. 

Recognize technology as helpful. However, predominantly it is an illusion that can diminish your conscious awareness of the Creator. 

Let yourself realize that fulfillment, support, and true assistance can all be found within your soul, which is the essence and truth of your being. 

In 2021, allow yourself to make a conscious effort to create balance between technology and the soul. The purpose of balance is to empower further the soul and dissolve the energetic consciousness being projected onto humanity from Atlantis and those Incarnate who existed upon Atlantis – who wished to continue to control and manipulate as they did before – [thus] creating balance. [This] will allow you to be more conscious, seeing through veils of illusion and energetically claiming your inner power. 

As a greater volume of humanity experiences this, we will notice the Light of the Creator shining with greater luminosity upon the Earth, thus accelerating ascension. Healing will be instigated within many people as well as within the consciousness of Mother Earth. As the current age of humanity creates a balance between their use of technology and their attention to their soul, the sacred and profound healing vibrations – originally born from Atlantis – will awaken within its contained environment, flowing through the right gateways to dissolve all negative programming and projections currently embedded within the Earth and humanity from the fall of Atlantis. 

The healing energy of Atlantis will return to you, energizing your soul with immense impact. 

Therefore, in 2021 you will notice a deeper – maybe even burning – desire to know, acknowledge and unify your physical form, mind and emotions, with the expansive, loving nature of your soul. New abilities and skills will arise from your soul as well as the continuous and divine flow of the Creator. 

This will create a series of beautiful, magnificent, and miraculous experiences within your being and personal reality with the purpose of enhancing your faith and trust in the Creator. 

Expect the divine to more fully manifest, accept healings to take place within your being that have been long-awaited, and expect a greater return to the love of the Creator. 

A beautiful awakening will begin to occur within your being over the coming years. 

Your soul will merge your past lifetime experiences of Atlantis with your current embodiment, allowing healing to take place. 

More importantly, the ancient and sacred wisdom, teachings, and practices of Atlanteans will begin to rise from your soul to enlighten and inspire you, encouraging you to grasp this useful wisdom, anchoring it into your current reality and experiences. 

The pure, Creator-focused Atlanteans had a powerful ability to experience expansion and unity. They could merge with any aspect of the Earth or the inner planes, accepting relevant knowledge to create new embodiments of the Creator within their beings. 

This meant that they were able to be compassionate, sympathetic and hold a great understanding of all aspects or expressions of the Creator. Subsequently, they created powerful bonds with nature, animals, Angels, star beings, and so forth. 

The energy of unity and expansion is required in 2021 as Ascension will continue to accelerate with dramatic speed and powerful awakenings. Focus upon an acceptance of unity and expansion will support the creation of peace, tranquility and grace and divine flow; allowing you to move through your ascension with greater ease and perfection due to your developing resonance with the Creator. 

We invite you to call upon us, the celestial white beings as well as the angelic Kingdom, ascended Masters, and star beings to lend our lights to support the opening of the light gateways, the healing of the negative projections from Atlantis embedded within the Earth, as well as to assist the awakening of your soul. 

As it brings forth to you, a wealth of enlightenment from Atlantis, please invite us to support the major shifts that are occurring as they will influence and alter the pathway of humanity’s ascension tremendously. 

Achieving this at the beginning of 2021 will allow a flood of focused healing energy to be born from the inner planes, supporting the return of Atlantis. While the land of Atlantis may not return as its original manifestation, the energy consciousness, wisdom, and healing vibration of Creator-focused Atlanteans, – which was contained and concealed for future generations – will begin to return to the Earth now using the heart chakras of many as a gateway of expression and incurring. 

Know that with your consent, your heart chakra is a gateway through which it enlightened the energies of your past lifetime Atlantean Self and the collective purist vibrational consciousness of Atlantis will be reborn. 

We call upon the support and love of the celestial white beings, our angelic community and Ascended master guides. Please assist humanity in 2021 in forming a sacred balance between the use of technology and the awareness of their soul. We wish for entire Earthlings and their bodies to resonate with and as their souls, so they may know their soul with greater depth, embodying and enacting their soul energies, wisdom and abilities into [thier] everyday reality. 

Please encourage them to experience a greater expansion within their heart chakra as a peace, contentment, fulfillment and Supreme love manifest within their heart chakra. 

We lend our healing energies to the earth and humanity to support the release of Atlantis and the reopening of the light gateways connected to Atlantis. 

We allow ourselves to receive and express the purest and loving healing energies that are flowing forth from Atlantis as it ethereally exists, we merge the Atlantean healing energy with our own soul, healing vibration surrounding the earth, and all of humanity to promote divinely inspired healing. 

With the support of your soul, we invite your past lifetime Atlantean cells and all past lifetimes aspects of your soul to receive a deep and profound healing from your soul and soul group, so that the magnificent ancient wisdom of your past lifetime aspects may be embodied; embodied within your being, awakening new fulfilling and loving pathways and abilities for you to experience. 

We welcome the energies pouring into the earth to do aid all forms of ascension shifts within your being upon the Earth. 

We know you will move through your ascension with ease and perfection, feeling consciously supported and eternally fulfilled.

Thank you. 

Simply sit peacefully to receive the energies shared with you and awaken from within your being. 

The creation of Love is the greatest focus for the coming years. This begins within you, the healing of Atlantis denotes that humanity is ready to take responsibility; Realizing the power of love and the eternal nature, presence of love within all.  

In love eternally, 

the Atlantean, celestial white beings. 

Thank you so much.