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Scent impact

Releases negative emotions and thought patterns

Scent description:

Earthy, sweet, musky (Kitty thinks Angelica root oil smells like Celery). This stuff is STRONG – you only need 1 drop

Magical uses

Protection, grounding, lifting mood, banishing, healing.

One of the strongest wiccan herbs for protection. Produces powerful healing spells. Angelica is strong enough to remove hexes, curses and all types of negative energy. Can protect a home or a person when sprinkled under the bed or around the home. Can unbind and undo spells. Also used in exorcisms.

Powerful Guardian and Healer, and to provide Strength to Women.

Commonly used for general protection, especially against evil spirits and hex-breaking as well as general blessing and is especially useful for the defense of women. Can be carried alone, or added to amulets to increase longevity and ward off illness and evil spirits. It has also been used as a talisman to increase luck in gambling.

The leaves can be added to baths and potions designed to remove curses or spells or they can be burned to banish evil in an area or to remove curses placed on the individual and sprinkled around a home to protect the house and those within from baneful magic. Grow angelica on your property to protect your garden and home.

Angelica is very useful in home and personal exorcisms. Keep in a white bag and charge it to protect your baby. Smoking the leaves is said to increase clairvoyance and encourage visions. Excellent in incenses for exorcisms, healing and protection.

It is suggested to grow angelica around your home to protect it, as one of the original epithets of the plant was “Root of the Holy Ghost.” According to the herbalist Maud Grieve, author of the 1931 book A Modern Herbal, it was believed that angelica could cure the plague, after a monk saw it in a dream. It is said to protect from evil spirits and enchantment.

As indicated by its Latin binomial, angelica’s heavenly connection has influenced its place in history for hundreds of years. Using angelica as a supposed cure for the plague was only the first step. It was dreamt as a cure for the plague by a monk who claimed he was given the plant by an angel. This supposed plague cure turned out to be correct, divine connection or no, because angelica has antibacterial properties. At the time, only two main areas remained unaffected by plague: Poland, because it gave asylum to the Jews, who had religious obligations toward bathing and therefore the bacterial growth had no grounds; and Milan, where if someone showed plague symptoms the house was burned down with the entire family inside.

]Angelica is said to have sprouted from the place where the Archangel Michael first set foot on Earth from the heavens. Thus, it has a long history of protection, both from evil spirits and more down-to-earth mishaps. It is so protective that some warn it can protect you from good opportunities as well as keep you from any harm that may befall you. Emotional shielding can keep out dangers as well as potential loved ones. Magical shielding can prevent beneficial energies as well as baneful ones. Protection should be encouraged and understood, without excess. There is an important line between protection and paranoia. Make sure that your interest in remaining safe does not guard you against beautiful experiences as well as horrifying ones.

Aromatherapists suggest using angelica in respiratory blends. The calming action and bronchial relationship make it a fantastic addition to meditation blends as well as protective oils and charms. Due to its affinity with the lungs and the characteristics of the notes, it will blend well with chamomile (sleep), lavender (peace), and lemon (healing).

Angelica is a strong, musky oil. Its strength, which comes from resin-like root material, makes angelica a natural fixative for any magical oil. The purpose of a fixative is to lengthen the scent’s staying power and to act as a counterbalance to the top notes in a perfume. In most cases the top note is the scent you smell first. In the case of blends containing angelica, it is powerful enough to overpower the top notes. Angelica can also outlast some base notes.

Angelica is indicated for use in magical oils for those times when it is hard to believe in yourself. Remember, doubt is the killer of magical energy. If you doubt your spell or working will be effective, it is better not to do it, and come back to it later. You can take a walk to clear your head, talk to a magical friend about the working you are considering, or consult a divination tool. The magical friend is an important part, because it is hard to continue to understand where your doubts lie if all of your soul-searching reaps the return of cynicism or hostility toward magic.

Angelica can stimulate the mind, help release negative patterns in thinking, and clear feelings of emotional hollowness. This plant can also help you regain a connection to divinity, and is therefore good for use in dedication or initiation rituals or workings involving abundance.

Scientific name: Angelica archangelica

Botanical family: Apiaceae

Origin: France, Belgium

Source of plant’s oil: Roots, seeds

Evaporation: Middle note Scent

Element: Fire Day: Sunday

Planet: Sun

Astrological sign: Leo

Suggested crystals: Black tourmaline—ruled by Capricorn: grounding and protection; fire agate—ruled by Aries: spiritual strength

Deities/spirits: Archangel Michael—fire and protection; Venus—Roman goddess of love, sex, beauty, fertility