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The Magickal Properties of Cardamom

  • To encourage a would-be lover, ingest cardamom before talking to him or her.
  • This is also useful in any situation calling for eloquence when you must charm your audience.
  • Cardamom can also be added to lust drawing sachets.
  • Cardamom is a stimulating herb that relaxes the body and clarifies the mind and should be used in any situation where these are needed.


Lust, Charm Enhancing, stimulating and clarifying

Cardamom is a member of the ginger family with a eucalyptus like flavor. It is one of the more expensive herbs in our Home Made Chai Tea recipe


Planet – Venus

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine

Health Benefits

Cardamom has expectorant, stimulating, tonic, warm, aphrodisiac, antibacterial, antimycotic, antiviral, carminative, antispasmodic and expectorant effects.

  • used widely in Asian traditional medicine, especially in India.
  • used to treat infections of the teeth & gums, throat troubles, coughs, congestion, tuberculosis, inflammation of eyelids, and stomach complaints
  • used in Chinese medicine for stomach complaints, constipation, dysentery called “Tsaoko”

People who have digestive problems, particularly with gluten, may find it helpful to have a cup of cardamom tea after a meal. Or Chai tea, which contains cardamom. It is also excellent for chest congestion.