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The Archive Of Spirit Entities

You are Universe Experiencing itself. As Are Spirits. SOURCE is too big, too dynamic, too amazing to be summed up by just Entity. Polarization requires what looks to us, from our limited perspective, to experience opposites as part of THE ONE. You are all here to sound your Unique tone, no one does it exactly like you do. Likewise, Each Spirit entity sounds a unique note. We, too, use those notes that Spirits sound to describe our experience in this incarnation.

Do you want to flatter a woman? Call her a goddess. If a woman is beautiful, small, and lithe, she might be called a sprite or sylph. If you find this woman inspirational, she’s your muse. If she’s irresistible, she’s a siren. Sprites, sylphs, muses, sirens: these are all categories of spirits. Names of individual spirits permeate language, too. Want to flatter a man? Call him Adonis or an Apollo. If he’s a musician, call him Orpheus. Maybe that beautiful woman isn’t small and lithe; maybe she’s voluptuous or statuesque, Junoesque, in other words. Spirits are Archetypes; they express the individual and the universal at the same time. No wonder they seem so magical – and yet they pervade our everyday life in ways we take for granted.

An erection that refuses to recede (sometimes to the point of medical emergency) is priapism, inspired by Priapus, a Greek spirit, who, as his votive statues attest, sports a permanently erect phallus.

 Do you have an enemy, someone who is gunning for you? That person is your nemesis, named for the Greek goddess of justice and vengeance.

Ever described being stuck in the office, stuck in an elevator, stuck in a traffic jam or hospital emergency room as like being stuck in hell? You’ve just evoked Hel, Norse guardian of the realm of death. Trying to seduce someone?

Try an aphrodisiac—something evoking the power of Aphrodite, an alluring goddess of love and sex.

Ever told someone harshly to get away from your frickin’ car? That word’s not just a soundalike substitute for a stronger obscenity: it’s the name of yet another Norse goddess, alternatively spelled Frigg or Fricka.

A modern obscenity for women’s genitalia evokes the name of Kunti, a very ancient goddess of India, although honestly, it’s doubtful whether most of those who use the word have a clue as to its origins or that the word emerged in sacred contexts. I don’t know about you, but I will own that title of goddess should anyone dare in the future to insult me in this way.

Names of spirits permeate modern marketing and brand names. Before Nike, Mercury, and Saturn named shoes, cars, or even planets, they named deities.

Why is this? Because the essences of these spirits have so permeated our experience that all it takes is their names to evoke visceral reactions en masse. For instance, I own lipsticks named after seductresses: Salome, Jezebel, and Astarte. Go ahead and guess whether these lipsticks are bold and bright red or pale pink and sedate.

Learning about these beings adds richness to our ability to describe ourselves, other-selves, and The SOURCE from which we emanate. If you are as fascinated as I am with learning more about all we have forgotten, pulling back the veil to marvel in the full nature of SOURCE from which we came, Each Spirit features in this series of posts will show you yet another tiny single facet of the multifaceted diamond that is SOURCE and US.

Join me in the section of the library of the Goddess Akash classified as the “Archive of Sprit Entities” – Luck and love to you, Kitty