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Message from Pleiadeans, 2021

Transcript – Feb 2021

We, the Pleiadeans, are here to deliver a message to humanity. 

Beloved ones, we greet you, an origin source light from the God-consciousness element is flowing onto the earth plane. This light carries a profound life frequency potential designed for self-discovery and consciousness for humanity. 

Within the planet, there is the action of quickening from an energetic imprint that is being forged through this light. This is accessing the next level of transition within the new dawning of Earth. In late July 2020, the sun further repositioned itself in relationship to earth. 

Creating the activation of a series of powerful rays that penetrated the central magnetic core of the planet. The rotation of the planet shifted in that moment, opening up this imprint of consciousness, activating this quickening that has begun transmitting from the core of the earth outwards across the planet and within the universe. 

This happening heralds in a new beginning as the Earth’s energy undergoes a total reset, complete resonance. Your Earth plane has been opened up and aligned through a multi-dimensional frequency within our resident universe. For the first time, there is a complete multi-dimensional resonance between Earth and the rest of the universe. 

This is a significant happening within the universe and for Earth. 

And for the first time, Earth is in a direct energetic frequency alignment to the consciousness that exists within our universe. 

These established frequencies, at birth, did a completion design imprint which is to be held like a mirror to support Earth’s awakening. This is Earth’s next step forward. 

This frequency alignment allows for the collective energy of God light to flourish and expand within the Earth. The God-light resonates within your unique divine signature within your own heart. 

There is a resonance from this that is key for another level of your awakening. Know that you will be carrying this aspect of the collective energy consciousness within your multi-dimensional heart. 

This collective flow of God Light is designed to enhance the individual potential for your awakening. 

For those of you who are on the path, you will be moved naturally through this collective flow of consciousness to align to your greater potential of self-sacred reality. 

These new energetic resonances of God light within Earth will open and burst forth a more complete aspect of sacred reality within you. 

This will allow you to experience, stabilize and anchor, a new realm, reality of truth, aligning you to your Sacred Higher-self. 

You will find yourself being propelled forward into a new phase of reality that may feel like unknown territory and bring forth unfamiliar experiences or the feeling of confusion and disorientation. 

Know that this is a temporary phase that will gradually be stabilized within you as your systems adjust within your new consciousness flow, you are being asked to let go and open into the path that is before you now in a more complete way. 

This means to claim your full journey as the warrior and to move consciously within your day-to-day life with the expressed purpose of living within the moment. 

As you choose to move and claim your journey this way, you can be fully utilized for your purpose to fulfill your mission. 

Living consciously within one moment is to move into a state of self-realization by claiming your creation fully. 

This is where you can connect to truth, your path. 

Each one of you has had an individual path to walk this lifetime; a journey of self-discovery as you have taken your place within your world, whether you are needed to play a leading role or to work backstage, you must be committed to playing out that role through trust and perseverance. 

Once you allow and open into living out your destiny within your journey as it unfolds moment by moment, you can begin to claim and experience clarity. 

Do not look behind you and do not look ahead, no matter how things appear to the ego-mind, you can move beyond the illusion by simply being in each moment. 

Choose to unwrap, explore each moment as it arises as a gift. 

This will assist you to unfold within the experience of life’s challenges and move into an understanding that you are on a grand adventure. 

By choosing to move into a state of acceptance of what is right in front of you now in your life you enabled your life to shift and flow more easily. 

Claim the journey of your life like a warrior and open willingly to meet the challenges that are in front of you. 

You are being asked to slow down and breathe to trust what is unfolding within your life right now. 

You need to be committed to the ordinary moments within your life and take the time to be fully conscious by embracing that which is held within those experiences. As you do this, you begin to glimpse, to understand the truth which is revealed within the ordinary moments. 

Focus on building a strong base within you through a dedication to align within the mundane and explore the vast potential within those ordinary moments of your life. 

This is an essential building block for you, allowing you to expand that base and move towards becoming the plane rather than the mountain. 

There is great joy in this dedication where it meets the sacred within yourself. 

The ego-mind will want to become grand to be seen to become the mountain. It is within the ordinary moments of life that the greatest truths will be revealed to you. 

You do not have to have all the answers. Your ego mind thinks it knows the solutions and understands it all and it does not. The Ego’s agenda is constructed through a deluded enthusiasm. Solutions proposed by the Ego Mind arise from misperceptions and incorrect assessments of what is really taking place. 

You get caught between fear and doubt with your ego mind’s constant opinions, and need to understand. Then resistance arrives is where you find yourself in life discontent through the misperceptions of the ego that you are caught up within the mundane. 

What is needed right now is for you to choose to bring your awareness to meet the feelings that arise through these challenges. 

Bring a dedication to the moment into the experience that is right in front of you. 

As you allow the reality of meeting the feeling within you, there is a pure potential of self-liberation. 

Breaking old cycles. 

By accepting the part you have played within your own creation, change can take place. This is because the energy of the illusion is neutralized and you are breaking old cycles through taking responsibility for your own journey. You cease playing the old role of the victim. 

However intense a situation may be, change can always take place. By claiming your creation of an experience, you can transform the energy of the situation and move through the illusion opening to clarity, to truth. 

As you meet this moment and consciously choose to accept what is right in front of you, there is a new potential available within the situation than Flowers. This whole process is the action of your conscious movement, which in reality is self-devotion to your journey to your own path through self-reflection and your own perseverance you can transform and feel steady on your path, bridging the depth of your fears. 

Know that within your own heart, you are being held by the sacred of your higher self, as you are willing to feel, you are moved beyond the illusion. 

There is always clarity that can arise from the vastness of your heart. A simple solution can present itself around any problematic situation 

Joy and peace. 

Humility, acceptance for where you find yourself and what is right in front of you is where joy and peace will arise within you. 

Inspiration to follow the path: Because you see, sense, feel or you simply have a knowingness that is correct. This is where you meet a deep and profound aspect of your inner wisdom. 

As you work patiently and steadily on balancing your inner discipline and correcting your attitude through claiming your creation, you will find the obstructions that stand between you and your goals will simply dissolve. 

Your life has deep meaning within the universe and through the building of collective moments of your inner gratitude, you can become an inspiration that is created for others to follow through your own conscious action. This entire process of your life involves being open to the hidden and diverse ways in which the divine flow works within your life. 

You need to be willing and prepared to walk this Warriors path, which is designed to bring to you the depth of teaching and understanding of your humanness and reveal the sacred path of self.  

You must patiently wait for your next step to be revealed as you take the position of active waiting, revelations can be opened up to you. 

Actively waiting enables you to move into a place of stillness that aligns you to receive understandings and truths for your next steps. The ego-mind will want to move to do something. Just breathe, let go and simply wait for clarity for a door to open, you will be moved naturally, effortlessly within the rhythm of your sacred flow. 

Slowing down 

Indeed your everyday scenario provides all that you need to grow and to discover your life’s meaning. 

Through slowing down and moving into a state of acceptance to all that is in front of you, now you become liberated to find your way. Through the self-acceptance of your own creation, you can begin to shine forth within your world, forging a path for others to follow their flow. Have reverence for your warrior path and take solace by loving your human vulnerability. 

Know that your ancestors who have gone before you, who have preceded you on the spiritual path, forged the path for you to follow. Understand that they were no better equipped than you and they have experienced their own dynamics within the same trials as you experience now. Your world is transforming and you can celebrate your part. 

Do not be discouraged by what you perceive through the illusion. Within a moment, the veils will lift and the illusion will be no more and all truth will be revealed. 

Utilize this time frame on Earth and Know that within a blink of an eye everything will change. 

You can alter your reality now by simply choosing to be in the moment and cherish what you have created for your own unfolding. 

Claim your moments for each one is sacred. 

Open into the vastness of your potential through your heart with gratitude. 

Come home through your multi-dimensional heart. 

We witness you and salute you as a warrior on your path. 

Blessings, The Pleiadeans. Thank you so much for reading.