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BLACK PEPPER (Piper nigrum)

PART USED: dried fruits, essential oil



MAGICAL INFLUENCES: Mental alertness, Physical energy, Protection, Courage

Few will argue that it contains a powerful scent. Snorting the powdered herb will cause sneezing, but crushing a few peppercorns in a mortar and pestle-or taking a quick sniff from a bottle of the true essential oil-won’t have this effect. In fact, the essential oil, while possessing the distinctive sharpness of pepper, has an almost sweet undertone as well. The powerful scent is useful for sharpening mental faculties and energizing the body. Also, sniff the essential oil to remain awake, particularly when driving at night.

Other, lesser-known qualities of black pepper fall strictly into the area of magic. Its protective qualities are rather effective when combined with visualization.

This is one recommended method of use: You probably won’t have a bottle of the oil with you when walking down a dark street or when suddenly confronted with a potentially dangerous situation. However, you can take steps beforehand to build up your own natural self-defensive energies. These energies will repel negativity of all kinds, even that stemming from would-be assailants.

During the day, while alone, crush three or four peppercorns or place two drops of black pepper essential oil onto a cotton ball. Strongly visualize a whirlwind wind surrounding your body, a psychic force so powerful that it knocks away all incoming negative energy. Sniff the warm, protective odor as you visualize. . Fuse the scent and your visualization in your conscious scious mind. Maintain this for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat once a day for a week.

When danger threatens, recall the scent and the visualization. Additionally, sniff black pepper before making an important phone call, confronting an audience, or prior to any nerve-wracking situation. Take in the strength of black pepper to see you through rough times. It demonstrably bolsters your courage.