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Alcazar Stargate Guide’s Message

Transcript. Transmitted Feb 2021

I, Alcazar, welcome you to the Stargate Realm. 

I had been waiting for a representative of humanity to join me here on the Stargate so that I could show you how your world appears from the gates that lead us to two different dimensions. 

You are not the first to come in contact with me. 

I see the color vibration of your planetary consciousness is now entering from the green vibration to the blue vibration according to your chart system that your lightworkers refer to the most. 

Many people are raising their consciousness and changing their vibration due to which many places on the Earth are now [ascending] into a new vibration. 

Gaia is rejuvenating in those places. 

If you look from my vantage point, you will clearly see that the vibrations are rapidly changing on the western side and making up for the lack of soul growth that they had faced in the past. 

Some areas have even surpassed the East in terms of soul growth and shift in vibration. 

What you need to do now is to work together as a species and raise your vibration together instead of focusing on small chunks. 

Your planet needs you and your vibration frequency needs to match that of Earth. 

If, however, you are not able to change your vibration to match that of Mother Earth, than such beings are more likely to be transferred to a different planet in the cosmos to continue their learning process. 

This is also the reason why in your planet now people are showing more interest in such matters like spirituality and meditation, instead of only focusing on materialism like they used to do, now they are focusing on spirituality. 

It is a good thing that you have also shown interest in this regard. 

Let me explain to you what happens when you raise your vibration. 

You are a bio magnet, not like a magnet that you know in your planet, but a magnet that attracts its same vibration. 

Which means if you are positively oriented you will meet positive situations and other beings that are also in the same frequency. Once more than 70% of the collective population on Earth raise their vibration enough, they will begin to leave the rest with lower vibration behind in everything that they do. 

They will be blessed with abundance from the power of the Creator himself. 

You are all Creators already; you create everything that occurs in your life. 

The beautiful things. 

And the difficult things. 

Usually, the beautiful things are created from your conscious mind. 

The difficult things that are usually created by your unconscious programming that is simply ruining your life. 

Your mind has made decisions in the past that were inappropriate. 

These decisions were not made out of hatred. 

They were not made out of negativity. 

They were made out of ignorance. 

They were made without the support of your superconsciousness and that has led to all kinds of problems for humanity. 

It has led to the creation of the world as you see it now, but look carefully. 

You can see that your world is improving. 

You can see that more and more love is returning. 

Yes, there are terrible things occurring in your world. 

Yes, that is true, but look at your history. 

You are changing. 

And beloved ones, since your 2012 there has been vast acceleration. You here gathered and you listening to these words are on the leading edge of this transformation. 

The mind has been struggling to take care of you. 

Do not condemn your mind. 

Do not condemn others for their minds. 

Have been guiding them. 

Also, celebrate who you are. 

Celebrate where you are. 

Focus on where you are going. 

Bring your awareness to this moment. 

For with the awareness you will see what is holding you back. 

You can remind yourself “I AM love” and with that reminder, your vibration continues to radiate love. 

Let me tell you all a bit about the Stargates and what they are used for. 

Stargates are portals for transportation that beings of higher dimensional frequency use, such as beings that have ascended to a higher level of vibration than the fifth dimension. 

So that means beings of six dimension to the eighth dimension can travel to any place they want to, just by holding an image of that place in mind, they can travel anywhere in the cosmos. 

It is similar to your imagination, but even more vividly. 

Because by using stargates you actually travel to that place in no time, because time really does not exist, only your clocks show time. 

I have met many transcendent Masters who have come to the stargates to travel to various places in time-space. 

Sometimes they travel to past times or future times. 

It is an immense creation of the creator. 

You can feel; it something building. Time and events ever compressing and speeding up. Something inside of you is changing different even in the way you once perceived this realm. 

You are coming to the end of one world and the birthing of a new world. 

It is coming through a higher-order and it is coming through you. 

Pay very close attention to and focus upon the following in these intense times: soul energy, DNA, nature. 

Your souls are speaking louder. 

What was once a whisper is beginning to become a roar. 

Intuition is no longer a suggestion. 

Your soul is shaking you by the shoulders. 

It is not bound by linear time, and it can see what is happening. 

It is guiding you now. Listen. 

There have been and will continue to be an escalation of incredibly powerful celestial energies bombarding our Earth and our electromagnetic biofields 

We have been and will continue to move through an enormously energetically charged section of our Galaxy photonic light and energy fields, gamma Ray bursts and clouds are ramping up the energy of our sun. And the central sun is amping up to blast a pulse wave through all planes and dimensions, as well as yourselves. 

This is a cosmic and consciousness game changer and it is happening rapidly. 

Your DNA is a central point in this transformation. 

There is a huge push taking place at the moment to toy with the human genome by artificial means. 

This is not an accident. 

Whatsoever the ones behind this push know what is coming and are doing all they can to thwart this evolutionary process. 

This is straight-up last grasp desperation on their parts and still nonstop avalanche of fear and brainwashing being endlessly bellowed out through their channels of this information. 

Be very discerning and cautious with this. 

Your DNA are like radio antenna receivers and emitters of energies and light codes. It is not only doing this here in 3D, but capable of accessing neighboring frequencies. 

Also encoded within your DNA is all memory of past, future, in between, spirit and parallel incarnations you have and you will have. Your DNA is like a built-in Akashic Records. 

Currently the vast majority of DNA is lying dormant within you. 

This is about to change dramatically. 

Not only will these powerful energies and celestial events switch back on your current DNA, but it may well create the addition of entirely new strands, creating a new type of human altogether, homeo sapiens becoming beings of light, illuminated. Homo Luminous, Homo Universalis, greatly expanded powers, abilities and a far broader and deeper connection to the universe and all of life and creation. 

Nature is playing a key role in this, and to make this transaction and transmutation as smooth as possible you would be wise to deeply connect into nature. 

You are genuine children of nature,  

Out of nature you arose and back into it, You shall dissolve. 

The frequency of nature aligns perfectly with your own soul. 

It is of the same vibration and energy, the same heartbeat it is of no small coincidence. 

The feeling of awe, joy and peace that washes through you when deeply immersed among the beauty of nature. It replenishes your own energy fields and reflects back your own inner beauty to you in a feedback loop between its spirits and yours. 

And now, more now so than ever, is it going to play an integral part of where you are headed rapidly.  

Tap into its energy and wisdom and become one with it as often as possible. 

Breathe and absorb it into your body, illuminating and charging every cell. Sun gaze and pull the lights of the sun into your eyes into your heart, into your pineal gland. 

Draw it in through your breath. 

It is delivering messages always, but now more powerfully than ever in history. 

Incredible events are underway physically, spiritually, mentally, cosmically. 

Stay rooted within your soul and the soul of nature. 

Keep your eyes on the skies. 

It is about to go to the next level soon and nothing will be the same, including yourselves and all of reality. 

I feel your contact is getting weaker now, let us meet in the next session we have together. 

I’ll leave you, beloved.